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Cotton Circle Lace & Lace Print Blouse

Cotton Circle Lace & Lace Print Blouse


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Overview: A unique blend of lace and lace print creates this trench-inspired shirt dress. Featuring a contrast between the top's mixed lace pattern and the plain fabric below the yoke, this piece offers an exquisite balance of style. Adjustable at the back waist with a belt for a more defined trench look. Its lightweight fabric is perfect for the coming season, offering versatility as a dress or an open-front layer.

Key Features:

  • Brand: surya
  • Country of Manufacture: India
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Fabric:
    • Top: Thin, with transparency, embellished with circle lace.
    • Plain Section: Thin, with transparency, soft and plain fabric.
  • Colors: Brown, Blue
  • Size Details:
    • Length: 118cm
    • Shoulder Width: 62cm
    • Body Width: 60cm
    • Hem Width: 92cm
    • Sleeve Length: 47cm
    • Armhole: 41cm
    • Cuff: 26cm
  • Design: V-neck, front piping, gathered sleeve and high waist yoke transition, side pockets, and lined.

Styling Tips:

This versatile piece can be worn closed as a chic dress or open as a light layer, adding depth to any outfit. The gathered back waist provides a flattering silhouette when belted, creating a trench-like appearance. Pairing with minimalist accessories and sleek footwear enhances its sophisticated charm.

About Surya:

Named after the "Sun God" in Indian mythology, surya targets vibrant and energetic women who shine brightly. Building on MALAIKA's ethos of "the warmth of handcrafting," surya offers designs that merge traditional craftsmanship with contemporary flair, ideal for those who value unique and artisanal details.

Note: Product images are for reference only, and actual product may vary in pattern and color. Please allow for slight size discrepancies.

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