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Cotton Batik Print Sleeveless Dress

Cotton Batik Print Sleeveless Dress


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Product Description: Unveil a touch of sophistication with this geometrically patterned batik print dress, featuring an asymmetrical hem that adds a modern, adult flair. The neckline is adorned with beads, lending an ethnic essence to the design. The unique color variations and the characteristic unevenness of the batik technique enhance its appeal. This sleeveless dress is perfect for layering, making your spring and summer outfits more enjoyable and versatile. Pairing it with leggings, layered pants, or adding an outer layer creates recommended stylish looks.


  • Brand: MALAIKA
  • Country of Manufacture: India
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Fabric: Lightweight and slightly transparent, with a soft yet structured feel.
  • Colors: Navy, Beige
  • Size & Fit:
    • Length: Right side 115cm, Left side 100cm
    • Shoulder Width: 34cm
    • Body Width: 50cm
    • Bottom Width: 70cm
  • Features:
    • Neckline adorned with beads
    • Sleeveless
    • Asymmetrical hem
    • Wrap skirt part
  • Model Height: Navy worn by 167cm model; Beige worn by 166cm model

Special Notes:

Images are for illustrative purposes only. Actual product may vary in pattern and color. Please allow for slight measurement discrepancies. Each piece is hand-dyed, resulting in unique color variations. A piece similar to the photo will be delivered, capturing the essence of handcrafted beauty.

About Batik:

Batik is a traditional technique that uses wax and dye to create patterns on fabric, involving tools known as tjanting or cap. While batik is produced throughout Indonesia, each region has its unique process, dyes, and tools, giving distinct characteristics to their batik. Despite these regional differences, all batik shares a common allure: intricate designs that convey depth and elegance.

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