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Cotton Bagru Stripe and Botanical Panel Print Shirt Dress

Cotton Bagru Stripe and Botanical Panel Print Shirt Dress


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Product Description: Dive into the essence of Indian craftsmanship with our Bagru print series, utilizing natural dyes for an authentic touch. This shirt dress features a striking combination of stripes and botanical patterns, offering a fresh take on traditional aesthetics. The front top is adorned with pintucks, elongating the silhouette with the vertical effect of the stripes. Designed to be versatile, it can be worn open as a light overcoat or buttoned up for a distinct dress look, making it perfect for the upcoming season. Crafted in the village of Bagru by skilled artisans using wooden blocks, this block print technique yields a fabric with rich, naturally dyed colors that speak to the beauty of handcrafted work.


  • Brand: MALAIKA
  • Country of Manufacture: India
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Fabric: Thin, transparent, and comfortable with a soft touch.
  • Colors: Green, Red
  • Size & Fit:
    • Length: 113cm
    • Shoulder Width: 36cm
    • Body Width: 53cm
    • Bottom Width: 98cm
    • Sleeve Length: 33cm
    • Armhole: 56cm
    • Cuff: 37cm
  • Features:
    • Front opening with metal buttons
    • Front pintucks
    • Side pockets
  • Model Height: 165cm

Special Notes:

Images are for illustrative purposes only. Actual product may vary in pattern and color. Please allow for slight measurement discrepancies.

Size Guide:

  • For taller individuals (168cm), the dress reaches just above the calf, with sleeves extending just above the elbow, offering a relaxed yet refined appearance courtesy of the front pintucks and stripe pattern.
  • For shorter individuals (154cm), the dress length reveals the ankles, with sleeves covering the elbows. Its lightweight fabric ensures a cool and comfortable fit, suitable for a relaxed style.


MALAIKA, translating to "angel" in Swahili, is a brand that values the warmth of traditional crafts and materials from Asia, Africa, and South America. It is committed to sharing the beauty of handcrafted block prints, hand embroidery, hand weaving, natural dyeing, and tie-dyeing techniques, utilizing natural materials to showcase the cultural and artisanal charm of various regions.

About Bagru Print:

Bagru print, a hallmark of Indian block printing from Rajasthan, especially around Jaipur's Bagru village, stands out for its centuries-old tradition maintained by the village. Artisans carve wooden blocks by hand, using them to stamp the fabric one color at a time, a testament to the dedication and time invested in each piece. The unique charm of Bagru prints, with their characteristic blurs, smudges, and pattern misalignments, reflects the warm essence of Indian craftsmanship.

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