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Ancient Islamic Bead

Ancient Islamic Bead


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Product Description: This is an Islamic bead with mosaic inlay, showcasing intricate craftsmanship. Despite some color fading and surface scratches due to age, it remains a fascinating piece of art.


  • Origin: Middle Eastern Region
  • Estimated Production Period: 7th to 13th Century
  • Dimensions: Diameter 13mm x Height 11mm
  • Hole Size: 6mm
  • Special Notes: As an antique item, it may have scratches, cracks, or chips.

Important Notice:

Images may slightly differ from the actual product due to lighting conditions during photography. The colors may also appear different under various lighting conditions.

About Islamic Beads (7th to 13th Century):

Islamic beads are believed to have traveled from the Islamic lands across the Sahara Desert to the trading hub of Timbuktu, Mali, around the 10th century AD. The beads originated from the Middle Eastern region, specifically Israel.

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