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Javanese Bead Manik Burung

Javanese Bead Manik Burung


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Product Description: Introducing a rare antique Javanese bead known as "Manik Burung" (Bird Bead). This exceptional piece features a clear bird motif depicted through intricate mosaic work. Well-preserved and valuable, it makes a precious addition to any collection.


  • Origin: Indonesia
  • Estimated Production Period: 4th to 19th century
  • Size: Diameter 20mm x Height 21mm
  • Hole Size: 5mm
  • Special Notes: As an antique item, it may have scratches, cracks, or chips.

Important Notice:

Due to lighting conditions, the actual product may appear slightly different from the photos. The photos were taken under lighting, so the colors might look different in a bright indoor setting.

About Javanese Beads (4th to 19th Century):

These beads were excavated from Java Island, Indonesia. Javanese beads have various nicknames based on their glass patterns, such as "Manik Sayur" (Vegetable Bead), "Manik Tokek" (Lizard Bead), and "Manik Burung" (Bird Bead). The exact production period and origin are still debated among researchers. This particular bead is a rare large Javanese bead, noted for its exceptional size and intricate design.

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