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Dzi Bead Silver Ring

Dzi Bead Silver Ring


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Product Description: This rare Dzi Bead Silver Ring is a precious piece featuring intricate craftsmanship on the silver band. The ring is adorned with a rare Dzi bead, known for its historical and cultural significance.


  • Bead Size: 18mm x 11mm
  • Ring Size: Size 14

Special Notes:

Please note that as an antique item, the ring may have scratches, cracks, or chips. The images are for illustrative purposes only; the actual product may vary in pattern and color. There may be slight discrepancies in size.

About Dzi Beads (Chongzi Dzi Beads):

Dzi beads are ancient beads from Tibet, similar to etched carnelian, created by applying natural dyes to agate and then baking them to create intricate designs. These beads are believed to date back to around the 1st to 6th centuries AD. Despite their age, the exact composition of the dyes used remains a mystery. Dzi beads are primarily found in Tibet, but they have also been discovered in Bhutan and the Ladakh region of the Himalayas. Each bead's pattern holds different meanings, with the circular "eye" designs being particularly prized. In Tibetan culture, Dzi beads are considered amulets of wealth and prosperity, cherished and passed down through generations. They are highly valued as decorative items. Recently, Dzi beads have gained popularity in China, where they are known as "Tenju" and have numerous replicas made using similar techniques. However, genuine ancient Dzi beads are extremely rare and highly sought after.

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